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Locally owned, operated and motivated heating and air conditioning company, proudly serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware with one goal in mind, providing you and your family with quality service!

Specializing in

Ductless Mini Split heat pumps and air conditioners


 High Efficiency conventional heating and air conditioning, digital programmable thermostats and air purification systems. 




“Saved me thousands! i called many A/C and heater contractors to see what was wrong with my air condition. They ALL said “you have to replace it” SK heating and air conditioning replaced what turned out to be a compressor. i know its old but paying thousands less for a house i’m moving out of soon made more sense. Thanks SK heating and air conditioning, you made my summer!!”                                                             


“I called to get the “$54” maintenance, but expected to be charged a lot more for “guess what i found?” not the case here! All i paid was $54, so professional, informative and i felt like i knew the tech my whole life. Great company!”


“I defiantly got my money worth. For $54 the technician came in and spent 45min to an hour doing a maintenance on my heater, replaced my filter which got rid of this dusty smell from my house. I usually get my unit maintained every other year as well as my air conditioner and every time some company comes in they tell me to replace it. SK heating and air conditioning suggested that I keep maintaining the unit annually instead of every other year and it’ll be fine. It’s not a new system but it’s not old either (about 12 years old) I have the discontinued refrigerant in my air conditioner the technician said, but if I maintain it annually I can get about 5 to 8 years more out of it. You can trust this company!!”

-Jack Kosmas


“I initially call because my heater wasn’t heating some rooms, it turns out i had air in my radiators. The technician cleaned my system out, check all my water pressures/levels and bled 3 radiators. Extremely informative! Educated me on how the boiler works and what controls the boilers temperature. There apparently is a control on the boiler that regulates the waters temperature and it was set too high which was allowing the boiler to literally boil the water heating my home. So, air was getting into my radiators and not heating the rooms. SK heating and air conditioning is awesome!! and it cost me nothing!!”

-Steve Kara

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“I have known SK heating and air conditioning for more than 2 years. I was given their reference through a friend. My cooling system has a tendency to break just the day before I travel. I end up calling SK heating and air conditioning in an emergency and they responded immediately, come quickly, assess the problem, educates the customer about the problem and offers the options to solve the problem. I had an old system that SK was able to manage very well and gave us ample notice to start thinking about replacing the unit when it was really warranted to do it. The best thing is that they explain the work so well and are very transparent. SK heating and air conditioning recommendations are always considerate about the budget available to the customer and I really believe that they do not recommend anything that is not needed. The technician was a very professional man. SK heating and air conditioning certainly believe in developing a long term relationship with their customers.”

-Khalid Farooqi

“Reasonable prices for good services compared to other heating guys who have charged me an arm and a leg for lousy services.  Very happy with SK heating and air conditioning”

-Joe Milas

SK heating and air conditioning were very professional, efficient and fast, Would highly recommend them. They kindly offered suggestions and options without pressure. I was very satisfied with them, and the bill wasn’t in the thousands!”